Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Manya Auster Feldman - August 11, 1998


I see.

And uh, he--they were in the--their parents were in the same business. They were in the meat business. So he came and he started getting established in the meat business. But we bought a farm. We bought a dairy farm here. But it wasn't working. And then my fa...husband was in the wholesale meats.

You--earlier you said that you had this dream of uh, that you told your sister, I think you said, about an airplane coming down...


...and picking up...

Yeah. When we were sitting, right after we escaped from the ghetto. We were sitting in the bushes with our cover on our head and we heard airplanes flying overhead. And I said to my sister, "Can you imagine a miracle like this should happen? All of a sudden an airplane should land here and should take us to America."

So now you were here. Did it seem like a dream?

Yes. I love America.

Did you remember that dream when you were...

I sure do. I remember everything. I--a lot of it faded. An awful lot of it faded. But I, I, I you know, the--all the things that I said, I remember everything. I remember.

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