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Sylvia Feld - July 28, 1982

Reuniting with their Brother

Did you ever go to a displaced persons camp? Did you ever go to a displaced persons camp?

NF: No, we went from, from Czechoslovakia, we came to Poland. We were on our own--starving and it was very bad because we were not like some of the girls in our age. They were already with other people--with older people or with men or whatever they find, you know, to get by. But we met some friends that worked in concentration camp too and they--we already a while before in Łódź, Poland so they asked us to come to stay with them. And we stayed with them so this was in a private place. And then from there I uh, we met our husbands, we got married in Poland and we went to Germany. So again our brother--we got in touch with our brother and he lived already in a private place so we never had a chance to stay, go to displaced persons...

SF: No...

NF: ???

SF: The, the brother uh, uh, tried to find out from the family who was alive, then he mailed with a Polish uh, girl...

NF: ???


NF: ???

Go ahead.

NF: ???

SF: He, he, he send with a Polish girl to Poland, you know then they his identification then where he is and what he is and what it is. And he sent this to the Jewish community and when I went there then they hand me in where he is and this is how I could out where he is and then he is alive. We were searching the rest of the family unfortunate till today we didn't find nobody else. And this is the whole thing from the whole family that we have left--my sister, my brother and me [crying]. It was a struggle after the war too because we didn't want to stay in Germany and we were three uh, left in the family. But the American uh, you call it UNRRA or something they didn't try to get us all together in one city then we could be again together. They send my brother to Portland, Oregon, I came to Detroit and my sister came to New York. From Germany I was waiting like three and half years being married to come to United States then uh, I was very sick having operations and uh, I felt after the war I just pray to God to make it. So I got pregnant and uh, I had a little boy his name was Alan. And uh, we came to United States he was that time twenty months of age. My brother was living apart in Oregon. He couldn't make it by himself right. He was very unhappy and very complaining. Finally I make him come to Detroit and begging him and talking to him--let's make together. Then my husband tried to find him the first job to make him happy then maybe it's gonna be a reason for him to leave Oregon. Then he came. Until today he is here and my sister was in New York and they decided, being married, they decided then they gonna come and we maked our home in Detroit.

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