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Sylvia Feld - July 28, 1982


The following is an interview with Sylvia Feld and Nancy Fordonski at 25408 Concourse, Southfield on July 28, 1982. The interviewer is Charlene Green. You understand this interview will be used for educational purposes and public use. Confidentiality on any part is permissible. I will be asking you questions on your pre-war background, your life during the war, your liberation and your attitudes. Will you please state your name and where you were born?

SF: I'm Tesha Lipschitz born in Zloczew, Z-l-o-c-z-e-w close to Zduńska Wola, Z-d-u-n-s-k-a W-o-l-a. I'm from a family--ten children, we had eight sisters...

Wait a minute...

SF: And two brothers.

Uh, can I stop you? What is your name today?

SF: My name today is Sylvia Feld from my husband.

Okay, now just a minute, now this interview is with two sisters. Can you give me your name?

NF: Oh, I thought she's gonna say it.

No, that's okay let her do it this way.

NF: My name is Nancy Fordonski. I was born Nadja Lipschitz in Zloczew near Sieradz.

Okay, this is making noise can I turn it off? I'm sorry. Um, okay now Sylvia, you want to do the talking to begin with? Okay.

SF: So I said already this one...

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