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Albert Fein - February 19, 2005

Sister Leaves

Did you tell your parents you went to church?

My mother, she knew about it. Besides uh, what's happened, my other sister--this was in 1942 in March, March. I don't know which day. March only--it was in March. I know this was still snow. A guy came from Hungary to take back people, you know, there Jewish people was paying relatives, you know, they was deported to bring them back. There was a guy, he came--he was a parachute uh, jumper. He knew the whole territory. He was probably sended in during the wartime for intelligence, so he knew the area and he came back to pick up two names. So he came to, to the area where Jewish, uh, deported was there. So he came and contacted us to find a person by this and this name, so we find this person, you know, because there was a lot of deported Jews. So she says, "Okay, the other girl, she was taken here to thing and shot there." There where I told you this thing. There, to Scharparowce. In the meantime I met a boy. He was shot from the front and it came out the bullet here, through, through his cheek. And I, I asked him what has happen to him. He was probably seventeen, eighteen years old. He said, "I was executed, only I was not killed." So he, he had bandages on his thing and he stayed alive. Anyway, so he says, "I need two people. So will this girl and who else?" So my sister says, "I will go," the older sister, and she went.

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