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Albert Fein - February 19, 2005

Family II

Where was your father from?

My father was not in-- from this area. My father was--you see here is the Carpathian? ??? someplace called this area. There is no--here ???, this is already Poland.

What was the city?

Most--here, from this area someplace. I know the name of the area, I don't know, see...

What was the name?

It was Zhendovitse. This was two kilo...on, on the River Stryi. Probably this would be the River Stryi here, and this was someplace on, on a--not far from the river. Zhendovitse was a small town. Uh, they, they fled when World War I was on so they fled to Uzhorod from here to here. This was approximately 100, 110, 120 kilometers, but from here to the border, to the border here about 100 kilometer.

What were your parents' names?

Pardon me?

The names of your parents?

My father was Samuel, my mother Hermina.

And her, her maiden name?

Her maiden name, uh, she was Winkler, Winkler.

It's a German name?

A German name, yes.

How many cousins, aunts, uncles--how many do you think there were in their family?

Hm. There was--originally, from my grandmother had eight children: four girls and four boys. Uh, my oldest uncle came here in 1909. I have here a cousin from, from this uncle, and there was another uncle who was--who left there to Poland. It happened, you know, that they are know the name is by the maiden name because when they arrived here, it was not recognized. The Jewish wedding, ??? kedushin was not, you know uh, they needed civil wedding in those times, you know. So he, he, he, he was registered here on his mother's name like he wouldn't have a father, so he was--my grandmother was uh, I have problems, though, you know, you know?

I don't.

I have problems.

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