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Albert Fein - February 19, 2005

Receiving Help from Hungarian Soldiers

There was two soldiers--Hungarian soldiers, who we met in Kamenetz-Podolsk. They was hauling--they had tractors for hauling cannons or other things. So they went, went to Hungary. They was hauling some, you know, destroyed cannons or military equipment and it was coming back. So when they was going, we met them, and they says, "We will come back, will come back and will take you back to Kolomyia." And here is a order of the town, uh, Milice no stranger can staying in this town, so we have to leave. And the guy, he has, you know, a, a restaurant, this Biergärten, he knew them all, you know? So he says, "Let them stay over the holidays. After the holidays they will leave." He says, "Okay, after the holidays." Only after the holidays he came back and he says, "You have to leave here. I cannot keep you here anymore." So we, we went to uh, there into the forest. There was a guy, you know, a farmer, farmer. I don't know what he was doing there, only he has a house so he says, "You can stay here," so my father give him the last thing--suit for him, from himself. So we stayed there and two days--we stayed for two days there and then he came back with the tractors and pick us up, and we left.

So there are now six of you...


...traveling together.

See those, those tractors, they had, they had, uh, from car--not--think canvas, canvas cover, so we sit all there. And it took us back...

So the Germans were now...

The Germans didn't know about it.

But they were the...they were occupying Kolomyia. Was it during...

We came back to Kolomyia.

And it was the German army that was there, not the Hungarians anymore.

Yeah. The Hungarians was, too. The Hungarians was, too. See they was--they were out of uh, telephone thing--lines--the connection with the front from, from Hungary, you know, to the front, there was all over some, some place, you know.

Didn't the Polish government...

The Polish government was not existing then.

Didn't they ran--run first to Kolomyia? When the Germans came in, they ran to Kolomyia and then they went into Hungary.

Yeah, they, they, hey was, they was go...going, yes.

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