Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Albert Fein - February 19, 2005

Being On the Run

Now you're in Hungary again.


You had crossed that--so you were--you didn't stay in Kolomyia very long.

No. This was a couple, couple weeks I guess we was there. After this, we have to somehow--well, they caught us. They didn't do harm to us, they just took us back around the border--where the border point was around, you know, I think they sent us with two gendarmes back, the whole family. And they brought us to the border, there was uh, think, a ???, this was the border, and they said to us, "Go back there from where you came, and never come back."

So you're back to Kolomyia now.


What, what...

This was...

...month was that?

This was, you know, uh, before the High Holidays. So we was walking for, for a while, you know, because we arrived there it was by afternoon--just the mountain, you know? So we went down from the other side of the mountain and there, there was some uh, people who lived there and they was grazing their, their sheeps. They said, "Go, go there, there is a house and you can get some food and you can maybe stay." So we went there and we stay overnight. The next day in the morning we was going down to the valley and we came out to a little town, ???. And we just came--this was not a crossroad, just a T road. It was going a road and from here we came from another area and there was on the corner a big house--this was a Jewish guy, a Jewish guy! And he gave us a room and he ask us what we, we think so we already was there. Only he says, "You can't stay here because the border is close and nobody allowed to stay if they doesn't have papers." So we stayed there I guess one night or two nights. He said, "You will walk. There is another town, Mikhal'che," so we walked there.

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