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Albert Fein - February 19, 2005

Thoughts on the Massacre

So when we arrived in Kolomyia two days later and we was telling the people what was going on, they couldn't believe it. They said, "This is impossible. The Germans are so educated, so civilized--that they could do this? This is impossible." Nobody could believe it. Only it was done. From this point, I, I was a kid, you know, comparing. I couldn't believe, couldn't believe. God! God will help us!

You thought about that.

Yeah, yeah. When you saw it's supposed to--we are the children of Israel, you know? And they was slaughtered like dogs and worse. So when I saw this, this movie what they think--this is, you know, this was already prepared--that's why--how I compared this to slaughterhouses...

The Auschwitz movie.


Yeah. That was later already.

It was--you see, why they did this. They want to cover up all the kinds what they did--the Germans. Graves--even mass graves, you can always prove--there is some provement. If they--like, like they did it, you know, they gassed the people beside the--supposed to be mass production. You know, I was there when we came to Poland in '61--in '59 we came. In '61 I was working there in a place that they made uh, excursion to Auschwitz. They took a whole bus of people and, and we are going in Krakow, and, and we went to Auschwitz, Auschwitz-Birkenau, so I saw this already once. Only now the latest when I was in '92, I just want to show, show my cousin. This I am not, you know, inventing some...something.

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