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Albert Fein - February 19, 2005

Memories II

Who is in uniform?

I was in the army.

This is the Russian Army?

Russian Army. This was 1938. The Hungarian thing says you have to make pictures from Jewish families.

So these are your parents?

My father, my mother, four of us.

This is you...


Two sisters and a brother.


And this?

This was my mom before with my oldest sister. This is her. This is her, this is her daughter, this was Mom.

What year was that?

This was '61. Yes, '61. This was later. This here is the other sister. This here.

Ah, where is this?

This is, uh, my sister's husband, this is her daughter, and this is her son.

Where is this taken?


Where was...

In Berlin. In Berlin. This is all what is left from the family, and now I am the one left. Uh, this sister, she passed away last May, May the 28th. See, this is approximately almost all the whole family. This the three of us. This is one sister, the other sister. This is her, this is her. This is my sister's daughter, and then my--those two children--this is--those--the sister's, uh...



Uh-huh. Well, we'll talk--we'll get--we'll about them in a little while.


We'll talk about them later.


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