Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Albert Fein - February 19, 2005

Start of War II

Blitzkrieg, yeah. So they took eastern Poland.

Yeah. So, then they started to send out Jews, Jews. And this was a couple days af...after the war, what I remember this--when we came to, on Soviet territory after the war, and there was songs what were singing the 22nd of June, exactly 4:00 in the morning, Kiev was bombed, and they uh, informed us that the war started. So for this I figure out that that's supposed to be June, because I didn't even remember, you know when the thing. Why I think--I know, it was a week after my Bar Mitzvah, and I thought, "Why my Bar Mitzvah was earlier?" because my birthday is July. So, I came to the conclusion this--I learned the ??? because this was not a party, this was a Bar Mitzvah. I don't know if you ever...

Yeah, I know.

You, you realize this. Bar Mitzvah was you, you was called to the Torah, you read the ???, your parents give a kiddush, you know, and this was the end of it. Here, here they make parties, no? Only I understand this is here a rich country and people want to have fun and so far. This is very nice. We did--we didn't have, you know, these luxuries.

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