Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Albert Fein - February 19, 2005

Childhood Memories

Do you remember that time as a--fondly? I mean, do you, do you remember it as a, as a good time in your life, your childhood?

Oh, yeah uh, I think it was, you know, holidays for Pesach, uh, Shavous--all, all those holidays, they was, you know, sown in the house and the synagogue. There was not a mixed--we was not belonging to a mixed synagogue or bet ha-midrash, I know you understand me--bet ha-midrash. A small groups of Jews they, they belong to one synagogue and there was in our area--in this thing there was about three or four.


Yeah, shtiebelekh.

And, and you had a good relationship with your parents?

Oh, yeah.

And with your, your siblings?


So when did things start to get different? When the war started?

At the war, yeah. Even, even in the time of the war we was all together. Uh, I remember in Kamenetz-Podolsk we was my uncle, his children, ??? children, and there was friends, you know, who was all from same neighborhood and they was all there and we was living in, in the same rooms. There was no beds at all. In, in this time in Kamenetz-Podolsk there was you can imagine as we lived--maybe six, ten, thirteen, fourteen people in one room and we all sleeped on the floor and there was no kitchen to cook...

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