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Albert Fein - February 19, 2005

Being Taken to Kolomyia

In Kamenetz-Podolsk we was survived--thirty-two people. How this happen, people say there is no miracles. This was a miracle.

Well, look let's--you went from Uzhorod...

We didn't...

...to Kolomyia--you were sent.

No, no, we were sent to Kamenetz-Podolsk straight from...

From Uzhorod.

...from Uzhorod.

And then....

And then when this is happened, we went to Kolomyia.

To Kolomyia.

To Kolomyia. Why we went--because there was more people who we thought they, they have more possibilities to get back to, to Hungary.

Yeah. Thousands went.

Yeah. We knew we didn't have citizenship before. So they won't, send, uh, allow us back. Beside this, we are Jews.

Had you heard of Belzec?




I mean, at that time, did you know about Belzec?


Because from Kolomyia they sent...


...thousands to Belzec.

Yes, because there was a concentration camp in Belzec. This was a small, small thing. They send a lot of people to ???, but you probably is not...

And there was a forest, right?

A lot of forest.

Scharparowce, Scharparowce? Schaprowce Forest was right outside of Kolomyia, and they shot thousands of people.


S-c-h-a-p-a-r-o-w-c-e. Scharparowce.

Sch...something with S, yes. There--a forest. They were surrounded with forest, yeah. Scharparowce. See, I remind myself. You can write it down. Kolomyia Scharparowce. Oh, here, here it is, Scharparowce.

On the map?

Ah, yeah, on the map. So you will think. This is all ??? Scharparowce.

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