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Ruth Federman - February 13, 2008


Did you see newsreels?

Yes but we never saw anything. You know, they knew here--the leaders knew but they didn't want to make a panic. Here, November '45.

Right near the end. This is...

The only one from the family, I told you, is the aunt where I went to Moravia, with two daughters. And she wrote to me, but she didn't know Hadassah Tel Aviv, the, the letter came to Hadassah Jerusalem.

So they still didn't tell you here.


They didn't notify you here.

So it's not that one?


Yes, my aunt--they, they...

Transferred to ??? are living in ???. They don't mention it here.

Because my aunt was supposed to write to me, the only one who survived. Maybe it's not the one. Maybe it's not the one. I have another one from the...

It's tells you that she's--that she was killed.

You see, this is so important. But, unfortunately, why I did it--I don't know to write, it's not my uh, you know John writes terrific. He now writes a book about his life. But he said, "Nobody will read it, only me--only you will read it," he tells me. "No, no children--the children won't read it. I send it to you when I finish and you will read it," he said. Uh, because so m...ah, we were at the wedding of these Miami people in Jerusalem because one of them married somebody religious. At the hotel, we were and next to me was a young man, but that's years ago and I asking him, we ask him, "From where did you come?"--just a minute, maybe if we go to eat we can, uh, speak while eating. But I will finish with this--and he says he was born here but the parents from Poland. Said, "Where from Poland?" "I don't know." "Your parents never told you?" "No, I don't know from where we are." And then I decided I must write it. And we were in Marienbad, you know about Marienbad? My husband was crazy about golf and we went to Marienbad--ah, to, to, to, yes, because of the cure there, and he met somebody, uh, Czech, doctor, married with a German--non--Jews. He played with this gentleman and in the evening we were sitting or walking somewhere and the ladies asks me, "How did you come to Israel?"

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