Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Isaac Engel - June 16 & 25, 1992


Were there ever any, any uh, arguments between your father and your brothers or you and your brothers over religion or...

No, no. What my father said, this went. Even we didn't like it. But when my father said, this was the law.

Well, and what about politics? Did you know about, did you know about...

Not much.

Hitler, for example?

Yeah, we knew about. It was the--late in the game, yeah.

Late '30s.

Oh yeah.

So what did people say about him?

They didn't know too much and they said they didn't believe that he was going to come into Poland. You know...

Did any Jews come from Germany into Poland?

Yes. They came--they sent 'em out, it was during the war. Like when the war started ??? they start sending in Jews from Germany...

And did they come?

To Poland?

To Zwoleń?


Do you remember, no?

See, Zwo...Zwoleń--half of, there wasn't that much left from the city. Half of the city was bombed out. Like in uh, mo...more than half. One side was completely destroyed. They came in the larger cities mostly. There were some in small cities where the city was intact.

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