Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Isaac Engel - June 16 & 25, 1992

Conditions in DP Camp

W...what did you do in the four years there?

What I did, I got acquainted a few people. I didn't do any black marketing. I did a legitimate business. I got a hold guy, supplied yeast. I was selling yeast to the bakeries. And uh, to the bakeries. And I also selling paper and bags and all the stuff like that. And I was making a comfortable living. Didn't make a lotta money, but I was making a comfortable, you know.

And you had children already?

I had one child, born in Germany. One child. Toby.



Was it a difficult decision deciding to have a child?

No. No.

W...Did you talk about it with your wife?

Look it happened, it didn't--not really. We didn't talk in details, no, no.

I mean about having a child.

Wife: No.


The reason I asked you that, some people said that they wanted to have children right away as an act of defiance and other people said that they didn't think they should ever have children because of what happened to them. Didn't...

No, no. We didn't, no, we didn't think of that. We didn't think of that.

Did, did you um, talk to other people about what you experienced after the war?

We talked, yes, we talked to a lot of people.

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