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Isaac Engel - June 16 & 25, 1992

Skarzysko Kamienna


But uh, then when we finished all the work on the fields, we covered up the potatoes. You see, what they did in Poland, they were, we were making like uh, like ditches like. We were putting in the potatoes, putting in straw and sent, putting po...the potatoes and then covered them up with straw and then with sand on top or covered. And that's all. So they, they were holding up all winter. And when we were finished working, we were done with the work. So one day they came in from Skarzysk they same Ukraine, with the, with the Lagerführer from Skarzysk. The main guy, his name was Ipfling. And uh, and they took us in two big trucks. And they took us on the, on the trucks and they took us to Skarzysk. There was no place where to go anymore. No place where to run. Otherwise I could run away even on the way there. But there was no place where to go. I had no place where to go. Nobody would let us in. So I went to Skar...I didn't came to Skarzysko until the end of--it was like Christmas time. The end of December. Like the beginning of uh, of uh, forty uh, '43 and the end of uh, '42. It was in Decem...exactly. We were finished with the work on the field. They didn't need us anymore there, so they took us then to Skarzysko working in ammunition factory.

In Skarzysko you worked in the munitions factory.

Yes. Making bullets.

Was it the Pulver Fabrik? Is that what it's called?


You were...

It was the Hugo Schneider Aktiengesellschaft.


Yes. ??? H.S. that was the abbreviation. It was HASAG.

We'll stop for a second.

[interruption in interview]

Came in, they started. It's impossible to tell everything, you know. They were killing people just--if a guy from, there was a guy by the name Heig, also a Volksdeutsch. And he used to get drunk. And uh, uh, he went out and he came and uh, you know, in the, in the, in the city and...So he killed, and killed himself a Jew. That was his uh, pleasure.

[interruption in interview] Date: June 25, 1992

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