Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Isaac Engel - June 16 & 25, 1992

Hiding in Barn

What did you do that week in the barn?


How did...

Nothing. We just sit there.

How did you live there?

How we lived? Give you an example. We know a lot uh, uh, we--especially we. We were in the hardware business. We had all the equipment to sell to farmers. They couldn't do nothing without the equipment. No, they had--e...e...even everything was going with horses, but they still need.


The, the, it wasn't machinery. It was like you know, they were pulling with horses and--like this. But they still needed the hardware. And uh, we knew there was--I, I still remember the name, ??? was his name. And he was the richest Goy from that village. And he took us in. And he gave us, not only, he gave us a place in the barn, he gave us a couple of rooms, put in straw and, and he put some linen on top so we can sleep there. And they gave us anything we wanted. And my mother cooked all kinda stored beans and every--all kinds of stuff. Everything what we wanted they gave us. We, we paid 'em for it later. We gave 'em back. You see, our stuff--we were in the hardware business. Some of it was going, but most of it, like this heavy metal, this stuff like this it was still s...sellable. It was just covered. We just had to dig it out. So me and my father were staying there. My mother went to Lublin with my little brother. My older brother they took in a concentration camp.

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