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Zyta Eliahu - February 3, 2008

Kindertransport Reunions

And did she organize a reunion?

And did she organize...

A reunion?

Yes, she, she organized the first reunion in, in '89 in London.

And how many people showed up to it?

I didn't go because--I missed out because I was abroad and I think it must have been a few hundred. And then we had the next reunion in Jerusalem--of, course I was there--and the last reunion was in six... in '99 was the sixtieth and now we are planning the seventieth reunion this year in November. It's the sixtieth reunion because the children started coming at the end of 1938 to England. The reason why we're not doing it in '09 is because we're afraid that there won't be so many, you know, some people will die in the mean time. So, we're having another reunion--a seventieth reunion in November in London.

That should be wonderful.

Yes, but the sixtieth reunion was something really special. There's a video of it and there's a book and so many people got involved, you know, top people that could contribute so much to the program to bring in different people to talk and um, it was a very successful reunion, the sixtieth. And we thought that was it, we're not going to have anymore. And once a year we meet here--we meet in Netanya. We have the Israeli meeting in October.

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