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Zyta Eliahu - February 3, 2008

Keeping in Touch with Foster Family

And did, did you continue to correspond with Margaret as well?

Oh, yes. I corresponded with her mother, with Margaret and I took my daughter in '68--it was the first time I went back to England, twenty-one years later. I went with my daughter and I showed her the schools and I showed her where we had grown up in Loose and--because the family--my family in England they moved to Somerset--it's on the west side of England. Kent is on the east side. And we stayed there and we--and then the mother came with her granddaughter in '75 and Margaret came with her husband twice and her husband has passed away and she came about two years ago again.

To visit?

Yes, and I've been back to England many times, too.

And to Czechoslovakia?

Yes, we made one trip to Czechoslovakia.

Tell me again how--what were your feelings when you went to the place where your...

To Czechoslovakia?

...where you were, where you were brought up?

Well, you know I remembered how much I longed for, you know, to be back there when I first came to England and felt so upset. And uh, it was nice to see that it was there--that I hadn't just imagined it as a small child and that really was all there and I had been there with my parents and the synagogue was there and it was all real. It was a, it was a very thrill...it was a very happy experience for me and I was very happy that my friend came with me and...

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