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Zyta Eliahu - February 3, 2008

Meeting Baby Brother

What about with your brother?

My brother--he was nearly three when I arrived. Of course, I didn't know a word of Hebrew. I remember asking my mother, "How do I tell him to give me his hand?" because I used to go out walking with him so she told me ???. And also, in England--I hadn't had contact with babies. My brother was almost a baby still when arrived in--nearly three--I hadn't had contact with babies or small children. I really had no idea how to behave with a little brother, I mean, I didn't know how to behave with a small child. I really only learned that when my daughter was born, like reading stories and playing games. I really had no experience of that. And then, I think my--also my bonding with my brother came much later and, you know, I really regret that I didn't know how bond with my little brother because I see I could have read him stories even if it would have been in English, you know, I could have said, "This is a dog and this is that," and I could have even taught him a little English. I mean, I could have been different. I spent a lot of time with him, I used to baby sit for him when my parents went out and uh, we had a lot of things together. We went to the beach--got a lovely photograph of us together on the beach but it wasn't what I could really have given him and I'm sorry I missed out on that.

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