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Zyta Eliahu - February 3, 2008

Winton's Kinder

Except Ruth Federman...

Yes, so you know the story.

...and her brother.

And she was, she was the one who was saved from this group. I don't know about her brother. I remember her telling her story--what happened to her and uh, that's it.

I'm supposed to talk to her next week.

Oh, yes?


Yes, I think both these men were just wonderful uh, peop...when I was there in Tel Aviv, people kept coming up to Winton and saying, "What made you do this?" Because the people here don't seem to understand that there are people who just do good for the sake of doing something good and they couldn't...


But you know, Winton is originally Jewish. You know the story.

His mother is it?

Well, his grandparents came to England from East Europe or from Germany and his parents--they became Christian and they brought him up as a Christian and when we asked that he be given the title of Righteous Gentile they said that, "We can't give a Jew the title of Righteous Gentile." It's true he converted or his parents brought him up--excuse me just a minute.

[interruption in interview]

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