Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Health Issues II

Do you suffer from any physical illnesses as a result of this?

Yeah. When I was there I suffer. I have like, like I suffer. Now my neck is not good anymore, you know, when I got uh, I was suffering a lot with having kids. I mean, start the suffering--when I start. I had, I had three miscarriages before I had my son. And I was suffering a lot. Too nervous. No patience having after the war. But we worked hard here too to survive. We were living on Dexter and then we have to put in like twelve ton of coal. Go out and the slippery--we went in the basement we have to go out on the, on the ice because it was over there, I mean the, the steps was already icing. But then my husband was working and making a living and we start little by little. I wish my kids not, not, not worster.

Do you think about it a lot?


Does it, does it ever interfere with your life today?


Does it ever interfere? Does it get in the way? Does it affect what you do today?

Yeah, now already what to do. Like I say today--like I mean--like today we don't have our kids. Used to be to me--like my son--we don't use to go with him out like American kids, you know, playing with them like American kids. When we just came here, you know, we all--we don't go out so much. Used to go out with the kids--everything with the kids, you know. They used--later when they grew up they used to say it's different. Like my husband to go to baseball and vacation. If he had a day off he worked. He was a painter and he works for the boss. When he have a day off, he took a private job to work, we need the money.

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