Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Life in Auschwitz

Out of three thousand...


...two hundred were left.

Maybe more, maybe there was another transport--maybe four hundred. Girls--just most men and girls--young. Women and children right away was--I mean not children, I mean, older women and older men right away they took to crematory. And like skinny people, like you already out.

How long were you in Auschwitz?

Well we were in Auschwitz and then they said at us, who left us they're going to make numbers and they're going to take us in a factory out to work. So I was not know what's going on in Oswiecim. So I was living in this room in the night and then came another lady and said, "Oh, you go here, I go here." So in the morning when they came for the transport they used to make numbers--so I came out a little bit later so somebody else went--they took somebody else. I mean, the, the management over there, you know, the women over there. They know somebody else they took her in the transport. And they make the numbers and they went away. But I have a number still, I have a number from Płaszów, I have a number from Płaszów. I was working in the--I was working in salt factory. And over there we were working with Polacks, with uh, with Polish people too. And there make us--over there they make us KL we put us on--we had clothes already--clothes where they wearing in the jails, I mean ???. They put us in Budzyn--they make us here KL. We are KL.

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