Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Transport to Auschwitz

You never heard from them.

Never heard from these people. And then later they said--the Polish people said, "We can talk to them." In Płaszów was not, I mean, a crematory. It was a big, big, big hole and over there who die and who they have to shoot they just shoot and throw in the grave and they were burning just like this.


Burning. We think they're burning everybody. It was a big, big train and they tooked away everything to Auschwitz. To start the transport into Auschwitz. And then when came ready to us--or not ever they took away twenty thousand people one day there was, I mean, like weeks, weeks, or weeks, weeks or weeks. They took away these people so we have to clean out like the barracks, you know, clean out the clothes. They give us something to work for another two or three weeks. And then it was already in '44--I have here written--in '44 they took us to Płaszów, Krakow, Poland in '44 and they, and they, we came in maybe--our, our transport was maybe the last transport to Auschwitz. So we came in like in '44, we came in like Friday night--Friday. The SS already on the train said to us we go to Auschwitz. And they said that we have something to give them, if we have some good clothes or what to give them they're going to bring us up bread. They're going to go and bring us bread. So like we have already--they bring maybe uh, five bread. They give everybody a piece. And then we came in--was Friday night--we came in and the first time I saw all in four places the Krematorium like a smoke with people. But our transport couldn't go in right away.

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