Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Hearing About the Ghettos

At this time did you hear about them bringing more Jews into the ghetto all the time?

In this time was already a ghetto in Bełżyce. In this time it was already the KZ in Budzyn. We were apart from the Budzyn. This time we already belong to the, to the Budzyn KZ because we hear already--we talk to the boys and they said if a horse die, they took the meat already to the Budzyn. They're supposed to take this meat already for the Jews. They said there's sort of a ghetto and Jew in Budzyn and they're already working over there. Because from this ghe...from this uh, farm they give already, what else some away potatoes that they're supposed to give them. And like vegetables, like meat--some of the meat over there. But we were still working over there. And while we were working over there, the Polish people came. There was a time, what I said, if the Polish people gonna bring Jews they're going to have like, I mean, whiskey or a treat of uh, sugar. There was a time when they bring kids, you know, and they shoot for the--they shoot. Because it's going around, if somebody going to find a Jew then they're going to have a--like I mean a premium something. So it was time when the Polish people bring to the g...bring to the farm kids just to shoot them. And they have a premium.

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