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Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Condition of Bełżyce Ghetto

Now which ghetto was this? Was this...

Bełżyce, just Bełżyce.


A small town Bełżyce...

All right.

...into Lublin. They have something to do all with Majdanek.

Describe the ghetto, what it was like.

So he came in I the morning. You know, I was a--in the morning. And the Pollakin were talking. They were bringing in all the sick people who were sick with bed with everything. You just can bring in like your covers, your covers, everything. When I came in there was a uncle living in Bełżyce. Was no place even to stay, you know. There was no place even to sleep. There was no place even to be. So I happened to be I came in the morning with the stove and I'm supposed to find a place. My parents supposed to come later because the German was waiting like at--through the, you know, they have to go out, so they close up the house. They were walking. It was not too far, they were walking. It was like a three kilometer, they were walking. All Jews were walking with the Germans. And I saw this for how it looks. So I run...

[interruption in interview]

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