Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Luba Elbaum - January 20, 1982

Uncle Moves into Ghetto

All right, so you went back then to live with your parents...


...after, after they--your uncle had to move into the ghetto.


Okay, and go on, what happened then?

And then we hear, you know, then we hear because the all Polish people went to the ghetto, you know, they took to the ghetto like to sell things there. Said they start to make like the Majdanek--they start already to build like Majdanek and took the people, little by little, took the youngster out.

Out of where?

Out of Lublin. From Lublin ghetto they took a little bit out and they used to send out to Bełżyce for work.

Did you uh, were you in contact--did you stay in touch with your uncle after you left and went home?

No, we couldn't stay. We just couldn't. No more letters were going.

No more letters.

No more letters.

No telephone?

No telephone, no telephone, no more letters. Nothing. Just, if somebody, you know, if somebody you know from the Polish people went in to see them and say hello, you send in some food to the...

I see.

We already was cut off because it already start '41, you know. Before they went through in the summertime it was already '41.

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