Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anne Eisenberg - May 11, 1982

Talking About Experiences

Do you talk about your experiences?

All the time.

With whom?

Anybody that wants to listen.

Did co-workers, neighbors, new friends talk to you about the war?

Well, which co-workers?


It's, um...

Or when you came over.

Yes. People want to know.

How do they respond?

They don't believe it. I wouldn't believe it either if it wouldn't have happened.

Do you suffer any physical illness as a result of you, of the experience during the Holocaust?


Can you describe it?

Nerves. They all work. I could function beautiful under normal, but any little stress I fall apart. I, I cannot face pressure. Like I say, I'm fine if, under normal cir... But the minute something--I, I just fall apart. I get into hysterics or just crying spells or whatnot.

Does the past ever interfere with your life today?

I could--I would say so. Because of, I get--I, I relive my past in dreams all the time. And when I--and, and whenever it does happen to me, then I'm just, just uh, unable to function during the day.

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