Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anne Eisenberg - May 11, 1982


Were you assigned any special duties?

Certain times. Once I was taken to an outhouse and I had to go into--to the waste, the human waste to clean it out. I'll never forget it. That was, that was some job that I didn't--I, I, I just think about it makes me... Yes. Uh, but uh, mainly we worked in the fac...where we worked in the ammunition factory. Again, like I say, we produced the--as long as you work, you... And they seen that you work. And I have to say, one day we're standing in line for food, and as many people we were, one of the, the Lagerführer pulled me out from line and he says isn't it true that you never played hooky, tried to ge...stay away from work. And he gave me an extra plate of food, which was...


Yes. So if, if you--some of the girls tried to, to sneak back from--not to go out to work, they were caught, they got a very bad beating. Uh, matter of fact I even think in, in the camp Appells one of the girls that was pregnant, early pregnancy in Auschwitz hid from it, didn't come for work. And she even had her baby in that camp. Naturally the baby was killed, but that woman was--is a survivor. But that didn't--wouldn't have happened at any other Lagerführer either.

Do you recall any form of active resistance in any of the areas you were in?


Did you receive any assistance from Jews or non-Jews?


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