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Anne Eisenberg - May 11, 1982

Ghetto in Sighet

Do you know when you first went into a ghetto?

Right after Pesach, in, in April.

April of what year?


How long were you in the ghetto?

About five--six weeks.

A short time. Can you describe the number of people in the area of the ghetto that you were in? No. You're shaking your head no?


Do you remember food or clothing?

I remember I had beautiful long hair in the ghetto it was cut off for the fear that I'll get lice. ???

Right. Does the name Kamaris Road, Kamara Road mean something to you?

Kamarirut. That's where we lived. But we, we was uh, I really don't know why they called it that. Uh, on the camp was in one, it was close to downtown. Near us, a block away, was a salt mine. And we lived about a block away from the salt mine, a block away from the Tisa. And, like I say, it was a lot of fun going to the water and...

This was the street you lived on...

Lived on...

before you were put in a ghetto.


Okay ???. Do you know the date you left the ghetto?

May, May the 10th, I think. No May the 10th I was liberated. Middle of May.

Did you know where you were going?


Can you describe the roundup? Was there a roundup or were you just told to report?

Well, they ca...just came and they gathered us and fixed us right in the ghetto. And we were just marching to the temple and from the temple-I think it was the temple. Oh, it was such a...

Do you know who did it?

It was the Germans and the G...the Hungarians. Ma...mainly the Germans. I think so.

Can you describe what boarding the train was like?

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