Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anne Eisenberg - May 11, 1982

Outbreak of War

Do you remember your thoughts when you saw the Italians and all this, soldiers going through to the Russian front?

It didn't care much about it.

It didn't affect you.

It didn't affect me. It's uh, like I say, people going around ??? as being children. We played with our own game, hide and go see and made our own games and whatnot. So that was going around, so--and, going on around us didn't really affect us as children.

You said your father's business was in Czechoslovakia? Or was it in Hungary?


Okay. Um, did your fa...did your family respond to the Germans going thr...to the people going through to the Russian front?

Not to my knowledge.

How did your pa...how did you and your parents react to the initial events, such as the nuisance laws that went in?

They weren't happy about it, if that's what you...

Do you remember your feeling when you were told that you had to wear a Jewish star, the star of David?

Really hard. You wanted to fit in with the people. You somehow always felt you are different, that we were Jews. And we just take--took it for granted. I mean, it, it just... I don't know, how shall I put it. You just took it in stride.

Was it necessary for the um, Jewish stores to stay open on the Shabbos? Was that one of the nuisance laws?

When that came out the Jews couldn't have no business anymore, it was taken away.

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