Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Anne Eisenberg - May 11, 1982


This is an interview with Annie Eisenberg at 26071 Stratford Place, Oak Park, May 11, 1982. The interviewer is Charlene Green.

Please state your name, where you were born and where you were during the war.

My name is Anne Eisenberg. My maiden name was Carla Subble. I was born in Czechoslovakia, Slatinske Doly. But as a child we moved to Sighet, Maramoros, Sighet.

Can you describe your life before the war?

I had a happy childhood. I come from a family of eight children. [pause] I start already. It was a happy childhood. Our town was surrounded by mountains. We had a pond. We used to go with, from the school mountain climbing, practically all--it's no good. Shut it off.

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