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Mala Weintraub Dorfman - September 15, 2005

Finding Sisters II

Let me stop you for just... I think you told me about a uh, a Russian soldier who was Jewish.



Maybe he was Jewish the one that arrested us, I don't know.

But he spoke Russian.

But he spoke Russian, yeah. And the woman was, spoke Russian too, but yeah, I, I didn't understand what she was saying. But she showed me to get undressed, so I got undressed. And when she saw the two spots she said, no, get dressed, it's not you. So, this I understood what she said.

Did it occur to you that you had come through the war and survived, and now all of a sudden...

Exactly, exact. But they were looking for her, this was the truth.

And you knew who it was.

There was a Weintraub, a Kapo in our, in our camp with a sister. But why they looked for her, I don't know. I don't know. I was lucky. Really, in everywhere I went, I was lucky. I was just, luck was with me, that's all. And uh, Henry was outside and he... What could he do? He couldn't do anything. But he spoke Russian so you could, you could talk to him. And uh, they were looking for them.

Did you, did you move in with your sisters?

We lived with my sister until we got a place, yeah, sure.

And this was where?

In Marburg an der Lahn. In Germany. Near Fran... not far from Frankfurt.

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