Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Mala Weintraub Dorfman - September 15, 2005

Fate of Family

So, you were in Łódź, you found out about Franka and Rosa.


You knew your brothers had been killed.

I knew, yeah. They took them to Treblinka.

They took them to Treblinka. So, you knew at that point that they had been killed.

Yes, yes.

Did you know about your mother?

No, I didn't know until I found my sisters. They told me about it. I didn't see their name on that, the list. So, I figured they must be gone or they went to Auschwitz with them.

And your father?

The same thing. My mother was forty-two years old when she went to Auschwitz. If they wouldn't keep together... My sister, my mother, my sister. So, there was right, left, and right. If they wouldn't stick together maybe they, she would be alive. If she lived through the war she wouldn't be alive now, she would have been over a hundred probably.

Franka said that they knew she was a mother, so they sent her...

She what?

They knew she was a mother, so they sent her to the left.

Yeah, yeah, probably, probably, yeah.

She thought they knew.

Yeah, she was with them.

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