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Mala Weintraub Dorfman - September 15, 2005

Deportation to Częstochowa

So, do you remember the day they said, come out in Appell and then they marched you... Did they march you out of Skarzysko?

No, they took us on a train.

Another train.

Yeah, yeah.

Same, same deal.

Same yeah way, it was on a train.

How long did it take from Skarzysko to...

Not too long, not too long. Not that far apart from Skarzysko to... From, from Skarzysko to Częstochowa, it was not that far.

So, it was less than the previous train?

Yes, yes it was.

So, did anybody tell you where you were going?

Oh, they told us we're going to Częstochowa.

Had you heard...

Częstochowa, yeah.

Had you heard of Częstochowa before?

Yeah, Santa Maria. The Pol... The Catholics go there to Częstochowa, uh...

It's a shrine.

A shrine, that's right.

You didn't think you were going to the shrine.

No, no, I knew that I'm not going to the shrine. But I was very happy when I saw that Mrs. Hoffman is going with us.


So, I was thrilled.

So, you knew you were going to another labor camp.

Oh yeah, yes, I did know, yeah. A lot of 'em went from there, a lot of 'em they took it to Auschwitz.

From Częstochowa.

From Skarzysko.

From Skarzysko.

Yeah, yeah.

Seems to me that something like twenty thousand people were sent to Częstochowa.

Yeah, something like that.


But we were liberated, I don't think there was uh, twenty thousand anymore.

Oh no, no, no, there were, most of them died.


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