Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lila Denes - May 19, 1989

Invasion of Czechoslovakia

Well um, maybe we can talk about that later. Um, when the, when the uh, Germans invaded Czechoslovakia in nineteen--when they took the Sudetenland, do you remember that at all, in 1938 or '39 when they took Czechoslovakia. What were the reactions in, um...

Well, of course um, I don't know, there was, somehow, we didn't realize it that we're going to be occupied and what's coming. We didn't realize it but, of course, the Hungarian Gentile people and the Nazi, the Hungarian Nazi Party, and all those people was happy.

You knew who Hitler was? You knew the name?

Of course, we knew of course. We knew when he started to burn books and everything, the papers, about everything about it.

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