Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lila Denes - May 19, 1989

Reflecting on Experiences

Well, now, now you have grandchildren.

Pardon me?

Now you have grandchildren who are going to college, right? Uh, are you, were you pleased that you stayed in Detroit, did you like it after all?

If, if everything is okay, I mean I hope we don't have any problems like we had in Europe, then it doesn't matter where they stay but I will tell them something, well I hope not, they should uh, have papers and everything like I had.

Is that the lesson that you learned from that?

Not the lesson. I mean, they shouldn't let it happen, you know. If, if you can help it, if you can help it.

That they should be more prepared?

They should be prepared if there is nothing they can do but...

You were very resourceful.



Oh, I don't know--I was.

Uh, and how long, how long did you and your husband stay in Detroit for?

Well, we came over in '55.

To Detroit? In '55?


And when did he die?

He died in '73. He had cancer.

At one point, Judy was living in Montreal right?

No, she wasn't living in Montreal. Alex has his relatives...

She met Alex here?

She met Alex here, yeah.

So, you haven't really been separated from the children then, again?

No. That's right. They are here.

Is there anything else you want to say, to add?

I don't know, I don't know.

Well, if there's more, we can always do some more.

If I remember something else then I, maybe I will make some notes, and either I'll send it to you or call you or if you want to listen to it with a tape.

All right, I'll do that.

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