Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lila Denes - May 19, 1989

Husband's Escape

They were living in hiding, too?

They were hiding somewhere. I really don't know where, not too far from me, both of them. And by that time, my husband uh, was in Buda, on the other side, and all the bridges were blown up, so he couldn't come. He was, at that time, he was hiding at that friend's house, Maria and Geza.

He escaped from the...

He escaped from the forced labor camp because by then, everything was upside down and, and in Budapest where the Russians and the Germans fighting each other, you know, and everybody did whatever they can.

Did you get any messages from him?

From him, no.

Weren't you worried?

We didn't know--he didn't know what's going on with us and we didn't know where he is. I just know my two brothers because they were close to me and uh, they visit.

Geza and Maria would have told you something?

They couldn't come. They were on the Buda side.

But he must have, he must have heard from them?

He knew whatever happened until uh, he knew where I was hiding, he knew. He didn't know if we were lucky and nobody recognized us or you know. And...

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