Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Clara Dan - July 1, 1982

Mixed Marriages

Both people had to?

No, no, no.

Just the non-Jew.

Just the, the non-Jew had to wear--I don't know whether you heard it or not sometime.


So even the soldiers who went into labor camp were taken, were half-Jews or who converted and they had to have a--the white, white ribbon.

So converted Jews...

Were taken. But then some of them were lucky and were taken out. And the rest of them they were called uh, white, white ribbon soldiers. And uh, these people told me, don't worry. Just bring your jewelry. So sure enough, our jewelry went to them and the hope chests and the Persian rugs went to our neighbor. So when ??? when we went back, after, I'm talking after, okay? The neighbor became pretty anti-Semitic. We didn't get nothing back from them. But from the other couple we got the jewelry back.

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