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Clara Dan - July 1, 1982

Thoughts on Israel

And later it doesn't matter.

I love Israel. But I will have to be forced out from here, okay? To make a move. And I love Israel. My family is there. So this is my home, and uh, no place on earth people have the opportunity to live ???. It's not easy and it wasn't easy. But uh, you take good with bad.


What other questions you have?

[interruption in interview]

Somebody asked me

If you want...

if I want to kiss the America earth when I got here and uh, I told them no, I didn't. But when I went to Israel I felt like ???. And uh, they didn't like it because they said that we are very ungrateful, we displaced persons because if not for Truman we would have had rotted in Germany.

This was an American born Jew?

Yes. So the American Jew has to be educated before the generation--before the new generation can cope with this problem. Those people--the parents have to be educated too because between their remarks that, "You mean the concentration camp was suffering? Have you got any idea what the Depression was?" I say, "No I really don't know what the Depression was." She said, "Well then don't complain about the, the concentration camp was because you don't know how bad the Depression was." I wanted this to be understood.

The American Jews think more like Americans than Jews sometimes. Is that what you think?

Well, it hap... They forget about--I mean, they don't want to be so patriotic.

The, the uh, American Jews, as I told you, they will never let you forget that Israel is living with their money. Okay? They support to bring you over. They support because the Depression was. So I don't say all, all of them, okay? But they are very big percentage uneducated, stupid and they think that with their money they can rule the whole world and everybody. Because they have money, you don't. So there are, there are so many Jews without money. I was much more than those that were over here. But they don't have that. They don't have the opportunity.

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