Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Clara Dan - July 1, 1982


And you have one daughter?


And she's called.

Shirley is thirty. She's married, she has two children.

And they're how old?

Lela is four and Amy is twenty now. And uh, she, she went a few times to the survivor, Holocaust survivor of children, how do you call it?

Children of the Holocaust.

She had a friend who went too--her name was Shali. ??? and this girlfriend went. But then she found that, I don't know, she, she just didn't find what she was looking.

Does she--have you told her about your experiences?

Oh absolutely. But to make an issue about it, never.

Just in--just telling her.

Telling her. I have that book Mila 18, and uh, I never give books about this. And we talk and we made up in our mind when we came out that we can't close the past because that will be always. But, but uh, uh, whenever Shirley--I just didn't like the attitude at the beginning you know, when they told us not once and not twice because you are--you were in the concentration camp uh, America doesn't owe you a living. And then uh, when they used to call me greenhorns, okay? And uh, I just...

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