Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Clara Dan - July 1, 1982



Okay? So after she was caught and she was taken in jail. In fact, they were already in the United States when my brother-in-law showed me in an article in the paper that Ilse Koch, that she was her name, was caught and ???. She was ???. And when I told him--that was the very few time that I spoke about the Lager--and I told him what happened with Ilse Koch and me. So and then a couple of--we were in Celle, okay?

Can you spell that?

Yes. C-e-l-l-e.

It's in Germany, right?

Celle, I think it's German.

Near Hannover? CR: Yes.

Okay? CR: It's--wait a minute. Hannover or Hamburg? I'm not good at remembering this.

Well, the name is... CR: Oh God. I think it was near Hannover. I think it was Hannover. So one day we were in Celle and, uh... Now, that day I went back to Bergen-Belsen but they were already liberated. And this was--no it was Celle, yes. Uh, there was a group of people are coming from Prague, Czechoslovakia looking for Czech people, Czech Jews from Prague because they wanted to come home. And we started inquiring and we heard that there is a group of Romanian guys who were sent by the Romanian government to look for the displaced persons. But we didn't--we never inquired about it.

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