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Clara Dan - July 1, 1982

Evacuation to Hundsfeld

Why don't you tell me how you got from Auschwitz to Bergen-Belsen?

How do I get it? Now listen, there was a group of five of us. We met an elderly lady, with her daughter from Miskolc, this was in Auschwitz okay? And we got, we got very close friend. So this lady became like one of our organizers. She had a daughter my age. It was my sister, her girlfriend, Zita, the one I told you about who had a cousin who didn't want to give her aspirins and myself. And a loaf of bread was divided in five. So this old lady decided we would take the bread whole, a whole bread, not cut up, okay? And she's going to manage it so we should have a little bit of food all day long. And uh, she had a cousin who was the Lagerschreiberin of C Lager. She was from ???. And who worked was the Lager Kapo and with the Germans. She just was lucky girl. The Lager Kapo was a rotten Polish girl. But when I say rotten, she was rotten. I get back to you, this was another chapter. And I don't remember her name already. You know, ??? cousin. This lady's name was ???. And this cousin, I think was Eva or Eve, I don't remember. So she was a niece of this old lady. So when she found out that her aunt is here, she came to look her up. And she said, "Now don't worry, when I know that a group of people will be going directly to a factory, I'm going to let you know and push you in somehow and I want you and Agnes," that was her cousin's name, "I want you in that group." So ??? told us that when this, told us what happened. And uh, from then on the five of us stood in one line in back of each other because there were five lines, five rows where you stood in Zählappell. So one day ??? came that this girl--Lili, I guess it was Lili. I don't, don't, don't quote me exactly for her name because I don't remember. But she was a Lagerschreiberin of C Lager.

Like a clerk.

Well, that's. Yes. But she kept. She knew more or less what went on--she was in the office, okay? And she came for the Zählappell with ??? who was the German SS Auf...Aufseheren ???, with the Lager Kapo who was a Polish girl and this lady because she had a paper, the numbers, which barrack, how many people. But she was a very nice girl. You know, and it was very hard over there to stay a human being, not to become an animal. And uh, one day Lili comes that uh, there is this group of people. Tomorrow morning there will be the lineup, which is going to Hundsfeld, okay? This was a factory place.

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