Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Clara Dan - July 1, 1982


Yeah. But even in the case... You--there was no way to resist.

We really couldn't. Like uh, you know, the Warsaw ghetto, we couldn't do that. First of all... I'm talking about the Hungarian Jews now, okay?. In the ghetto, we were so few people. And the Polish people had so many years at this time. For instance when we got, I forgot to tell you that when we got in the, in the, the concentration camp to Birkenau--to Auschwitz, the Polish girls were there already, okay? I was in uh, twenty-seven barrack twenty-seven. And uh, our uh, Blockowa was a girl from--a Czech girl. Her name was Fanny. She had a young girl as a protrator, as a helper. Her name was Dora. She was an eighteen-year-old girl. She was on the firing line for the Polish soldiers, for their rest, for their entertainment. As an eighteen-year-old girl. This is--she was, she was taken and uh, had to learn life like a war the time she was fourteen. So she remembered those people had a hatred toward us because they used to call us verfluchte. While they were in camp, we were still home having water and soap, and they didn't. So that's why we could never have done what they did. Never. Never. This is my personal opinion. ???

Right. So you didn't have the years and years of struggle.

That's why. That's why, okay? So.

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