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Clara Dan - July 1, 1982

Female Collaborator in Auschwitz

Her whole personality changed from her treatment...

And we kept carrying, one of her cousins was a friend of my sister. And uh, one day I went to her, this was already in Auschwitz, I was in C Lager, which was called a Vernightungslager.

What does that mean?

Uh, from where they were taken for a crematorium. We called it filling for the crematorium. Okay? And one day her cousin was very, very sick and we needed a couple of aspirin. So I went to Eva, that was her name. And uh, somehow you know she was dressed to a tee. So spotless, burgundy boots, pleated skirt, white blouse, you know. She was a very pretty girl. And I went to her and I told her--that her cousin's name was ???. She had been very sick and we need at least two aspirin to try and bring her fever down. We haven't got anything and if you please, just for your own cousin, give us a few aspirin so she'll have some. She said um, "Let her die. I will not jeopardize my well being." And she wouldn't give her. And as time went on, she was a very sick girl, so we went again to her for some medication. So she made again that same remark and by that time, you know, I was so furious at her. I told her, "I just wish your mother or father"--her father was a lawyer--"your mother or father would see that you go to bed with their murderer, with the killer. I hope when you are in bed with him, you think what he did, what he did to your mother and father and what they are doing to us. I hope you drop dead."

[interruption in interview]


Yes, yes. But she was taken to Sweden after. That was where she developed lung...


Tuberculosis. Yes. And she married a French doctor, but she could never, never step foot in our hometown or close.

This girl who became a prostitute married the doctor?


Uh, what, what did they do with you while you were in...

In Lager? In, in uh, Auschwitz?

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