Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bert Dan - November 17, 1982

Meeting Two Jewish Women from Łódź

And one out of the four times was the most interesting. When a friend of mine--this Paul--it's been a matter of years from the last time I--as a matter of fact I, I just got a letter from him yester...this morning. I talk to him over the phone every once in awhile. And he and myself were sent from Krakow to take a Polish train and go to Łódź. It was a large Jewish city. I mean it was a full city, but a large Jewish population. And uh, to look around if there are any Hungarian or Romanian Jews to bring them back to the train and we are going to take them home. And on the train--never, never I will forget. It was just jammed--so many people, thousands and thousands of people were in that Polish train. And we saw that two women sitting in the corners wearing nice looking--nice in riding boots with dress--and you could tell on that train they are entirely different, they are not--they don't belong there. And we didn't--we couldn't figure it out. And Paul and myself went over to them and we started talking. And at first they didn't know who we were and naturally they didn't want to talk. And we told them that they don't have to worry because we are Jewish and we told them exactly what our mission is. And somehow they did believe us and they told us that they are also Jewish and they were in several camps and hiding and uh, they are home already for the last two months and they live in Łódź with their husbands. And they are so skeptical of anybody--whoever talks to them because they didn't know what it is all about. But they believed us. We were telling them the truth.

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