Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bert Dan - November 17, 1982

Going to Poland to Bring Back the Jews

And the Romanian government offered the, the committee in Nagyvárad, a train, a complete train and, providing if there are enough volunteers for that. Whoever is going to be delegated by them to go into Poland to find the part that was liberated already and bring home--there are a lot of Jews that were deported, you know, and get--and bring them back. And they gave us a special train. And I was one of the very fortunate people. There was two of us total from my hometown, total of twenty-four from out of the Transylvania--from, from this territory. Out of twenty four, two were taken from our hometown and I was one of the two. The other one lives in Israel, his name is Paul Segerty, very dear close friend of mine. He also was in a camp. I was not together with him uh, during the war, you know, but uh, he was also in one of those labor camps and he was home and uh, the two of us were delegated to this train. And they gave us a little sort of a passport with our pictures in it and it was made out in different languages like in Hungarian, and German, and Russian, and Romanian, and Polish. Where we are asking all authorities wherever we go to help us out and uh, do anything--whatever they are asking for in order to bring the Jews back from Poland. And we went to Poland and, but I don't recall exactly whether it was March or, or April. Probably it was already the first part of April, the first time that we--train took off. And uh, we had enough supplies like food, and medication was one. And we had two doctors that were also in the delegation--Jewish guys who were also in labor camps and they, they came home. And we went to Poland and we went as far as Krakow. And that was the end station for our train. We stayed right there and from Krakow we were sent out to--four uh, delegates to different places like to Auschwitz, which was already liberated at the time. And so on and on.

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