Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bert Dan - November 17, 1982

Confronting a Hungarian Civilian

And then I had one of my sisters who lived there--her apartment was taken by, by a Hungarian woman. And she lived there by herself, and when I came home naturally I went over there to my house where I lived with my mother and uh, my, one of my sisters, and that house was totally ransacked--nothing left and then in order to fix it here and there--but no furniture or anything. And my sister's house was left intact because this woman lived there. And so now I told her who I was. Then she got very frightened. She thought that I'm going to kill her or do anything like that to her. But she happened to be an innocent uh, bystander. You know, they gave her the apartment and told her you can walk in and use it. And when I told her who I was--then she apologized to me and she told me that she will get anything, she will do whatever I want to, she's going to cook for me and wash and so on. And I told her that I don't need her help--I said that she don't have to worry and if she doesn't have any place to go there are bedrooms you can stay there and so on. And I invited her and my friends over to my house because this was already, you know, already you are home, you know.

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