Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Bert Dan - November 17, 1982

New Officer Comes to Camp

Oh that's all right, I have lots of tape.

Oh. And then we were there 'til 1944 around uh, September--beginning of, of September and all of a sudden they told us that we are--oh, I have to go back, because this is something very important that I want to bring out. While we were in this camp, and as I told you that many of us died over there from the hard labor and so on. One day--it must have been in July of 1944 that there was--by the time we got into the camp from the, from the work--place where we were working, there were rumors that a new commanding officer came in with a lieutenant and he must be some--a terrible, terrible man and we thought that this might be the end of us. We didn't know what to ex...or what. And we had supper and right after we were through eating--they gave us some hot soup or whatever, who knows what, something like that. And after we were through eating--then all of a sudden they gave an order that everybody--whoever--even the sick people have to come out because some new officer is taking over and he wants to see the whole group to...together. And at that particular camp we were two hundred and fifty people and he was in charge of these two hundred and fifty people. And he came outside--I will never forget him as long as I live. He was a very handsome, tall strong man and he introduced himself. His name is ??? That was his name.

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