Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Barbara Schechter Cohen - May 1, 2002

Hiding Under Floor

You said she told you a lot of things. What else do you remember her telling you?

Uh, she told me that um, when my parents were together in the very beginning, when they were in Poland they were staying with this farmer 'cause my dad tutored the local children. Um, and that when it was getting uh, dangerous they, they hid us uh, under their kitchen. Like they made a hole. And they sur...they risked their lives. And I was crying and--so my mother put the, uh, gave me either medication or a pillow uh, where I wouldn't cry and that was a close call. Because the Germans did come to see who, who or what and...

And you were in a bunker under the floor.

Under the floor. So that was, that was a...

But this was earlier.

close call.

Just--you were a year old even?

Maybe not even so.

Uh, and these people knew that, that you were Jews obviously.


So this must have been a non-Jewish friend of your father's.

Right, yeah.

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